Car Corral

Car Corral - Selling your Mopar or ? There is no better place than the Nats Car Corral.  Last year’s event saw a 70% sales rate.  For just a $95 pre-registration fee, the car entry and one weekend admission pass is provided.  Non running vehicles can remain on the trailer, but the tow vehicle must be parked in the vendor lot. Tow vehicle/trailer parking is available in the vendor lot. Notary Services are available on grounds.  Not only does pre-registration save you money it also provides you another cool feature. Do you want to let thousands of enthusiasts know what you’re selling before the event? The Nats offers you the opportunity to advertise your ride on our website. This gives you the possibility of selling the car before the event.  It’s simple but there are a few rules. Just e-mail us four (4) pictures (3/4 front & rear, engine and interior) to Send in your pre-registration fee along with some information on the vehicle. Once we’ve confirmed everything matches up, we’ll post your photos and info on your vehicle. (With this feature, there will be no refunds if you sell your car before the event).