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How do I register for this site?

Its easy, just fill out the on-line form and give it up to a few days to be approved and your in.  This allows you to post etc.,

How do I enter a car into the Nats?

The Nats offers three (3) types of car entries.

The Fun Field Entry, which currently includes the car, driver and one passenger for the weekend of activities if pre-registered by June 30th.  This allows you entry into the race track grounds on the east side of the track. Fun Field parking is located to the left and right of the main entrance and along the rear (the woods area that are sectioned off by orange fencing). Entry Fee at the gate will be for Car & Driver only, extra people will be charged the spectator entry fee.

The Drag Race Entry, which gives the car, driver and a passenger access into the east side pit area. Please also check the box for the race class you wish to compete in. Note: Make sure you check if you need a trailer parking pass, which means your towing your vehicle onto the grounds. Trailer passes are only valid for tow vehicles; (pickup trucks, large vans, RV, Semi). A trailer pass on a car or minivan will not be vaild for entry. Entry Fee at the gate will be for Car & Driver only, extra people will be charged the spectator entry fee.

Judged Show Entry, which includes the car, driver and passenger for the weekend of activities and access to the west side judging area. Judging takes place on Friday from 10am - 5 pm. Upon arrival, go to the Judged Registration tent to pickup your judging package. This will include your judging sheets.  If you do not pickup your judging package we will assume your a no show for judging and your vehicle will NOT be judged. Place your Judging package on your vehicles dash board inside the car, plainly visible. When your car is judged, the judges will take this package, fill out the judging sheets and return it to the Judging registration tent for tally.  Winners will be announced on Saturday after 3 pm. and awards will be available for pickup. Winners that wish to participate in the awards ceremony are asked to be present and at their vehicle by 11am on the west side of the track. Vehicles participating in the Award presentation will be lined up and escorted out the west side entrance gate E and over to the tower gate for entry into the west side of the track by the tower and will proceed to the staging lanes for final line up.  The individual winners along with their vehicle will proceed to the starting line when called and your name, city, state along with vehicle and place will be announced. Cars are to proceed down the return road in front of the grandstands and NOT down the race track as the track will be prepped for the Drag Racing Eliminations following immediately after the award ceremony If weather. You will be able to park either back on the west side of the track or remain on the east side. Judged Entry is only allowed during pre-registration time period. There is no Judged Entry available at the gate.

Midway, Swap or Car Corral Entry

Midway Spaces are 20x20 and sold in 20x20 increments. No limit. New and used parts along with wearables (pre-approved) can be sold in this area. Your transportation vehicle must fit within your rental space OR it must be parked in the vendor lot. (Area outside of gate A entrance).  A Vendor application is available for download off the home page. Space renewal to guarantee same spaces as last year is June 15.

Swap Meet Spaces are 10 feet wide and approximately 25 feet deep. Spaces are available side by side or double deep (10x50). No limit if space is available. New & used parts can be sold here but no wearables, beverages or food.  Your transportation vehicle must fit within your rental space or it must be parked in the Vendor Lot Gate H. A Vendor application is available for download off the home page.  Space renewal to guarantee same spaces as last year is June 15.

Car Corral Spaces are 10 x 20. If vehicle is brought in on a trailer you have the option of unloading the vehicle and parking in the space, but tow vehicle and trailer must be parked in Car Corral parking lot just north of car corral by Gate H. The other option is to leave the vehicle on the trailer within the space.  We will park vehicles on trailers next to one another in an area chosen in the car corral.  Tow vehicle will have to be parked in the Car Corral parking lot just north of car corral by Gate H. Download the car entry application off the home page for entry.

Spectator Information

Ticket prices are $20 for a single day, $30 for two days and $40 for all three days. Children under 10 are free with a paid adult admission. Gates open at 8am and close at approximately 7PM or an hour after race activities for the day are finished.  Coolers are allowed but must be no larger than 14x14 and NO GLASS containers are allowed. No pets (Dogs, etc.,) are allowed. Paid Parking ($5) is available in Lot A & C, free parking is available in Lot F & G.  



Other Event Attractions

Mopar Model Car Contest

The little cars can be as fun as the big ones! AutoKnow of Utica, Michigan, sponsors the Annual Contest. It takes place in the AutoKnow tent in the Manufacturer Midway (Space O4 & O5). The amount of work and attention to detail these skilled model makers devote to these cars is unbelievable! Participants, ranging from young children to seasoned adults, may enter single or multiple cars, from complete scenes (dioramas) at racetracks to cars rusting away in a remote field. Entry is very simple; the model only needs to be a Mopar/AMC product. Register your model at the AutoKnow tent on Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Models will be judged in different classes with results posted at 4 p.m. Participants should pick up their models by 5 p.m. Participants are divided into three age groups; 11 and under, 12 through 17 and 18 and over, with each group divided into stock and modified classes. There will also be a class for the diorama entries. Depending on the number of entries per class, First through Third Place trophies will be awarded. If you are into the hobby of building car models, come and compete with some of the best. If you just want to look at the true craftsmanship in these works of art, stop by during your visit to the Mopar Manufacturer Midway. There is a minimal charge for entry.

 The Childrens Coloring Contest & Hot Wheels Drag Race

Takes place on Saturday starting at 11am. (11-12 Noon Coloring Contest) (Hot Wheels Drag Race 12 Noon - 1PM). Participants age 9 and under are qualified . The Nats supplies the Crayons and color theme for the coloring contest and the 1:64 Hot Wheels for the Drag race free of charge. No ringers allowed here. The kids are signed up and they compete in a ladder style elimination Drag Race.  Side by side eliminations just like the big guys are doing on the real strip a couple of hundred feet away.  You can hear the real engines roaring in the background as the kids (and adults) are all excited as their cars are placed on the starting line. The countdown proceeds in Christmas tree fashion and the cars are released to the cheers of the audience. The winner goes on to the next round and the car that is eliminated gets to be kept. by the child. Win or lose the children get to keep their selected race car.  There are plaques for the winners.